Cloud computing:
Cloud architecture and management
Cloud delivery model, model optimization and architecture changes
Cloud infrastructure, services, and usage experience
Cloud optimization and automation
Cloud quality and performance
Cloud resource virtualization and combination
Intelligent computing infrastructure and platforms
Distributed Storage
Time series analysis
Cloud computing and blockchain
Cloud security and privacy protection
Cloud applications, infrastructure, and platforms
Cloud computing design tools
Computational parallel processing
Virtualization on cloud platforms
Mobile Cloud, Mobile Device
Social Cloud (Social Networks in the Cloud)
Maintenance and Management of Cloud Computing
Cloud applications in vertical industries
Internal, storage area, and external networks of cloud systems
Virtualization in Cloud Computing Platform Environment
System integration, virtual computing cluster
NoSQL data storage
Performance, SLA management, and implementation
Data Storage and Management in Cloud Computing
Fog and edge computing
Internet of Things:
Internet of Things Technology Architecture
IoT sensors
Internet of Things Information Perception Technology
Multi terminal collaborative control and intelligent terminals in the Internet of Things
Multi network resource sharing in the Internet of Things environment
Heterogeneous Fusion and Multi domain Collaboration in the Internet of Things Environment
SDN and intelligent service network;
5G Technology and Its Application in the Internet of Things
Cloud computing and Big data in the Internet of Things
Internet of Things Information Analysis and Processing
CPS Technology and Intelligent Information Systems
User oriented software definition services
Intelligent Services and Industry Applications
Internet of Things Technology and Application Standards
Internet of Things Information Security
IoT architecture
Network Technology for the Internet of Things
Interoperability of IoT systems
Social acceptance of IoT systems
Privacy/Security/Real time Fault Correction
The Practical Application of IoT Technology
The Internet of Things and Its Impact on User Modeling
Computer applications:
Computer-aided system
Natural language processing
image recognition
Computer communication
Deep learning
Simulation, modeling, robotics
Innovative database technology and data processing
Data Mining, Data Warehouse, and Knowledge Discovery
Computer Network and Security
Computing and artificial intelligence
Database Management and Information Retrieval
Business Information System
Geographic Information System
Information Systems and Applications
E-commerce and e-government
Security and Cryptography
Internet and Network Applications
Computer Architecture and Computer-aided design
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Control systems and robots
Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications
Fuzzy, ANN&Expert's Method
Human machine system
neural network
numerical analysis
Grid and Cluster Computing
Supercomputing and Cloud Computing
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  • Submission Deadline: September 20 2023
  • Registration Deadline: September 27, 2023
  • Conference Date: October 16, 2023
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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